Turning Points Sermon Series

Part 12 -- Peter, Revisited-- January 11, 2020

This week we continue our journey through Peter's story, pausing over his denial and restoration. In the face of great failure, God's grace is greater. 

He was one of Jesus' closest friends. He had journeyed with Jesus nearly daily for three and a half years. He saw the miracles, heard the words of life, and felt their truth burn within his heart. He loved Jesus, deeply, and believed He was the long-awaited Messiah. He was willing to die for Jesus and the cause, but living for Him in the face of deep humiliation proved harder for his pride than he ever imagined. Before it was finished, he had done the unthinkable. Join me this Sabbath (Saturday) morning at 11:00 as we continue our discovery of the Turning Point moments in this disciple's life and find the details of our own stories intertwined with his. Even in the worst of times, Redemption is available... if we will accept it. 

Pastor Jon


Looking for past sermons in this series? Drop by the Resource/Media Window in the foyer of our church this Sabbath and ask for a copy. 

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