Church Staff:

Lead Pastor: Jon Terry


Jon has been on staff at Roseville for over a decade. He enjoys connecting with people, hearing their stories, and helping people take the next step in their journey with God. His life purpose is to help people by connecting the human spirit with the heart of God. He believes in gift-based ministry and helps people discover the ways they can serve with the greatest levels of joy. He is an engaging speaker and has a heart for people. Jon has a B.A. in pastoral ministry and a Masters in Divinity from Andrews University. Favorite hobbies include biking (mountain and road), skiing, backpacking, international travel, and a recent interest in videography. He has been married to Clara, the love of his life, for 13 years. 

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Treasurer: Walter Murray


Coming to this position after a career in computer systems, Walter joined our staff in 2016. Organized, efficient, thorough, and always looking for ways to improve our processes, he has been a great fit as Treasurer. You'll find him in his church office most days. He is also an accomplished pilot. Walter and his wife, Carol Lee, have been married for over 30 years and enjoy local travel times together when he is not preparing financial reports. 

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Administrative Assistant: Kerri Spurgeon


 Kerri recently joined our staff after many years in the educational and private sector. She brings the strengths of positivity, organization, and efficiency to her new role and is excited to employ these strengths for an organization she believes in. A long-time member of our church, Kerri is highly engaged and deeply invested in our future. She and her husband love the outdoors, and sharing those moments with family make the experiences all that much richer. 

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Custodian: Ed Terry


With a history in business as the owner of two corporations--Building Maintenance & Commercial and Residential Painting--Ed has an eye for detail. He joined our staff in 2013 and we couldn't be happier. Ed takes pride in keeping our facilities clean and neat and sees his work as integral to helping our church advance God's kingdom and better represent Him. Step inside one of our buildings and you'll see this for yourself. Ed is married to Linda, his wife of over 40 years, and they enjoy running and biking together in their free time. Together with his wife, Linda, Ed also heads up our In Steps For Life ministry--a church based ministry to inspire others to make exercise a part of their daily lives.