Your First Visit



Parking is found in a circle around our main buildings. Didn't find the right spot your first time around our campus? No problem, just circle back around again. Need mobility challenged parking spaces? We have those located at several places around our drive, all with ramps to access our sidewalks rather than steps. 


Front Entrance: 

Here is a picture of the front entrance of our Worship Center. As you come up the driveway, keep to your left. The entrance is on your right hand side behind the cross.




Our greeter team is waiting for you inside the front entrance with warm smiles and a handshake. They can help you learn your way around and answer your questions regarding Bible classes for yourself or your children, ministries we have, upcoming events and the like. There are two main buildings on our campus: the Worship Center and the Better Living Center.

Bible Study Classes:

The Better Living Center is home to the majority of our Bible study classes for children, young people and adults. We also have a couple Bible study classes in the Worship Center. For information on children's classes click here. 


11:00 AM  in our Worship Center, which includes our sanctuary, offices, prayer room, parent's room for little children who find it hard to sit through a worship service, and nursery to feed your baby or put them to sleep. In its simplest form, worship is an encounter with God that elicits a response in the worshiper. We seek to enable healthy expressions of joy, love, praise, thankfulness, gratitude, and repentance, as a response to the gospel of Jesus. We sing (praise music and hymns), we pray, we give, we read the Bible, and we listen to the Bible being taught and applied to our daily lives. We believe all ages should be involved in worship and have a special story time just for children. And just to put you at ease, we don't ask our guests to stand up and introduce themselves, though we do hope to meet you as individuals at some point before you leave. 


Lunch is provided once a month, usually on the second Saturday of the month following our worship service. Please join us for a great meal. 

That summarizes the typical worship experience at our church. It's a day of soul rest--resting our lives, our futures, and our salvation into the capable hands of our God who has done and still does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It's a chance to remember who we are and just how much we are loved by God. Ready to join us for all or part of the morning's services? Click here for a map. Still have questions? Send us an email or give us a call