Powerful IN Jesus~Children's Program

For the past several weeks, during the Children's Story portion of our weekly service, we have be talking about how we can be POWERFUL through and for Jesus.  We have heard stories of children in the Bible who did amazing things because GOD was with them.  Then, we learned about how we can connect to the source of power.  This series ends on September 28, Communion Sabbath, where we will do some special activities and crafts to help us remember what we’ve learned.

I can do all things by the power of Christ

Philippians 4:13 NIrV

Planning now to be with us for this final Sabbath with a program designed just for kids. 

Volunteers will be ready to receive your children when the adults separate for the Footwashing portion of our Communion Service. We will announce the location of the kid's program and then simply bring them to that room and continue on with your own Communion experience with peace of mind, knowing that your child or children are learning about how they can be powerful in and through Jesus. When the adults are finished, head back to pick up your kid(s) to see what they have learned and created. 

Don't miss out! 

Program will begin around 11:30 am, September 28.